Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Surf 04/09/11

So I did not post a Wordless Wednesday post this week.  I have been icky sick all week long and making it to the computer is the furthest thing from my mind.  I did read several great blogs this week that I still wanted to share.  This will be a shorter than usual SS post though.....

First, Cathy from Blissful Booty started the official Blissful Booty Buzz blog, check out her first ever post Welcome! A little bit about us....   I know she has some great stuff to come!

Tanya at The Rockin Mama Blog wrote a post all about The "Good Baby" Secret* which was so funny yet so true at the same time!  I always get mixed messages.  I always hear "oh you baby is so good, so happy, always smiling" and then I hear (often in the same breath) "you need to put your baby down more, you shouldn't hold them so much it just spoils them" or "babies need to learn to self sooth and yours never will until you start putting them down".  UMM, I will take my happy "clingy" baby any day thanks.

I thought I Knew Mama wrote a post about What is BPA? Why is it bad? What can I do?   Good read but upset me to learn that BPA is in canned goods.  We only eat 4 things in cans; tuna, beans, tomatoes and black olives (and maybe the occasional soup every 6 months or so).  We eat a lot of those though.  Why do they have to put crap in everything!

While we are on the subject of toxins in everything, check out Becoming Crunchy's post Moving Away From Household Toxins – an Update for some great easy how to's to begin switching yourself and your family away from toxic chemicals to more natural options.  It's really easy to do if you just do it 1 at a time.  Within a few months to a year you will be amazed at how much you have changed.  Its overwhelming to try to do it all at once but much easier to phase old things out and new things in.

The Mom Informed wrote a great blog about What Baby Led Solids IS and ISN'T .  We did jarred baby food with Little Man but he hated it and refused to eat much.  With Smunchkin and Monkey we did some jarred but I made a lot of my own too.  With Tubs we have never bought a single jar nor have I made any baby foods.  I fed her lumpy style mashed avocados and bananas about 3 times from a spoon but she hated it.  It has been all her ever since.  She absolutely refuses to let you help her eat.  Try to give her a bite of something and she will turn her head away crying.  She is all about doing it herself.

TouchstoneZ wrote a great post about Gentle Discipline that I really identified with as I continue my ever faltering journey away from punishment and towards a gentler way.  Sadly I have been the mom in the library many times, in the actual library no less haha.  Are You Asking Me or Telling Me

I read a great blog on BlogHer all about how blogs can influence you and really change how you do things.  I think anyone who enjoys writing/reading blogs can attest to Blogs Changing My Life.

And finally, I read a beautiful poem over at Mommying My Way called Remembering.  Grab your tissues!<--don't say I didn't warn you.

That's all for now, I can't sit at the computer anymore.  Check these blogs out and give them a like.  They are all awesome blogs to follow.


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  1. Thanks so much for including my BPA post! There's a link to a petition to stop BPA in our canned food in my post today:


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