Monday, April 2, 2012

Mamatography March 16-31

I'm really getting the hang of this Mamatography thing, check out all the great pictures I have for this installment.  I think the 2 times a month timeline works best for me too.

Mamatography March 16-31

March 16

I never tire of seeing this-hope the neighbors think it's beautiful too!

March 17

Spring came really early this year!

March 18

March 19

Hair cut ♥

March 20

At the store to get cookies for Teddy to hand out
to his class for his BDay

March 21

Happy 6th BDay to the most handsome little boy
EVER!- In my opinion and I am not a bit biased lol. ♥
Light Saber = Best Birthday Gift EVER!
Make a wish!

March 22

enjoying the beautiful spring weather

BDay money from grandma.  First time he ever got money
for his BDay, he was ecstatic and declared he was "RICH!"
Jousting with light sabers, now that's something I want to see!

March 23

Such a goofball!
She asked me to take a picture of her and when
I raised the camera she posed like this and said
"say cheese!"

March 24

What Teddy spent his BDay money on.
Originally he wanted to buy a "double sided
light saber" but came home with this instead.
Playdough! aka The answer to this mama's prayers!
Karma actually sits still and focuses, FOREVER.
It takes her an hour or more to loose interest in it!
everyone loves playdough in this house!
even daddy likes playdough-shhhh, don't tell
him I told you that!

March 25

I was trying to sneak this pic without Ted noticing I was taking
it.  Ummm, ye-ah, he caught me.  He was "thrilled" about it too
can you tell?
I always thought dandelions were pretty,
Kimmy shares my opinion and loves to pick them.

March 26

Just starting to bloom
so strange- 1 tree has leaves, the other nada

March 27

we donated our van to our local
Cars 4 Heroes/Cars 4 Christmas Program
Bye bye van!
We will be getting a new van soon, hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks!

March 28

Sunrise at the bus stop-because my Mamatography posts
are just not complete with out a sky picture.
beautiful blue eyes!

March 29

yeah, pretty sure she was eating dirt!
"Boinging"-that's what Sariah calls riding the bouncy horse.

March 30

Carnival at Teddy's school

March 31

"Are they twins?"
I hear that all the time out in public now!
When I look at them I can see an age difference that, to me,
makes it obvious they are not twins but I guess to the outside
world those differences are not as noticeable.
a few days later and it's in full bloom.
what in the world did you just put on my head mom?
Pouty girl!
She was crying and I was trying to get her
to cheer up by asking her to smile for a picture.
Didn't work!
Our dog..... eating a stick?
She's an odd one but we love her!


this picturaholic mama,


  1. Loved all the pictures! That was so nice of you to donate your van! :) I love dandelions too. That one of Kimmy and the dandelions should be framed :) have you tried making home made play dough for Karma?

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the flower pics (not that the ones of your kids aren't ADORABLE!!) :)


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