Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bummis SuperLite

Ok, I have been neglecting this blog, I apologize!

Back in September I was blessed to be picked as one of the Testers for Bummis.  This was a huge blessing for our family as all 3 girls are still in diapers!
We received our testing package in November and it was like Christmas morning to me!  It came with 7 covers, 3 prefolds and 3 Bummis inserts.  Sadly, prior to this we only had 9 covers to share between the 3 girls so this almost doubled our stash.

Sariah in her SuperLite
One of the down sides to testing is you are not allowed to talk about how much you like (or dislike) the products.  It has been so hard for me not to talk about the diapers, I love to talk as I am sure you all  know.  I was so excited when Malina, who works for Bummis, informed me that I could now talk about 1 of the covers we received as it has been released now.  Its called the SuperLite and this morning I actually wrote a review on the Bummis website.  I wanted to share it here as well.

Note: I am not being paid for this, unless you count that I was picked at random to be 1 of their testers.  Just wanted you all to know these are my honest feelings about this cover and not something I am being paid to say.  These are my opinions and not anyone at Bummis.

Here is the review I posted on their site:

I had the privilege of being picked to test for Bummis and I received a SuperLite diaper in my testing package. I have 3 girls in diapers (yes 3!) and I am impressed with the performance of this cover on all 3 but for different reasons on each.
For my 6 month old I like the SuperLites easy adjustability. She is quite chubby weighing almost as much as her 2 older sisters. She has rolls on top of rols on her legs and many covers dig in and leave ugly red marks but not the SuperLite.
For my 18 month old I like how thin it is, unlike most cloth diaper covers its a super thin shell, allowing you to easily stuff 2 prefolds or a prefold and doubler in there to help with super soakers. This is my go to cover for my 18 month old at bedtime. I can stuff 2 prefolds in without a whole lot of bulk and she doesn't leak out all over her jammies and bed at night.
inside of the SuperLite Wrap
For my 2.5 yr old I like this cover because its so sleek and trim. She has the opposite problem as my 6 month old. She is 8" taller than my 6 month old but only weighs 2 lbs more. She is super tiny and its hard to find cloth diaper covers that fit snug enough in the waist and around the thighs at the same time. There are usually gaps that cause leaking but not with the SuperLite. Overall I am VERY impressed with the SuperLites performance. If I had to complain about something, it would be the velcro. I am much more of a snaps kind of girl but with all the other features it has going for it, not to mention the price, I am willing to overlook that. The SuperLite I have is plain white, I am so excited to see they decided to make them available in colors and can't wait to order a few for my girls

Now that I know these are available for purchase AND they come in colors I cannot wait to buy a few more.  I was trying to phase out velcro in my diaper stash but as I said in the review above, this is something I am willing to overlook as the overall performance of the cover is so high.
I need to make myself wait until after Christmas but thought maybe Santa could bring a few as a gift for mommy.

P.S. Must admit I was a tad embarrassed to realize I had a few typos in my review that I already posted on Bummis website lol.  O-well that's what happens when you type while holding a bouncy excited 6 month old and don't think to proof read before hitting post.

P.P.S.  Just found out they are on the market but not available for sale until early January.  Guess Santa will have to bring some to mommy as a late Christmas gift haha.

SuperLite back view, superwide tush haha

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