Monday, March 14, 2011

Confessions of a Fluffy Fashionista

Hey ya'll, its K- here (aka Smunchkin).  I wanted to jump on and share my new passion with everyone.  You see, these days I am all about the fluff!

Sure, it makes my booty a look little extra poofy but I wear that padding well.

Allow me to take you on a tour through some of my favorite fluffy wear...

This little pink owl number was sent courtesy of Tiny Heiney, mom said something about it being meant for my little sister but I didn't care, I think I rock it way better than she ever could.

As soon as mom pulled this next little number out of the bag I called dibs.  Can you blame me, that's some serious fluff right there!


rockin out the Tiny Heiney pocket diaper

Sometimes I like to keep it low key and old school.  There is nothing better than the comfort of a Blissful Booty diaper for lounging around the house on lazy days.  They are also great for doing your "business" in, if you know what I mean.
Even the adults around me rave about how soft and comfy these diapers feel and wish they could wear them too.  I say back up off my fluff ya'll!

I still enjoy being frugal chic with my Econobums on occasion as well.  The pink is my favorite and the only Econobum I will wear anymore.

My favorite Bummis cover is super fashionable and pink but mom says its also still in the testing phase so I can't tell you much more about it than that. (nor am I allowed to post a picture of it, bummer).
So instead I will show ya'll my newest Bummis cover, I enjoy rockin this one out when I'm feeling a little tomboyish-who says girls can't like spaceships too?

These goodmama's fit like a dream, again mom said they were meant for Monkey and not me but can you blame a girl for laying claim to these?

So there you have it, my favorite fluff.  I let mom know everyday which diapers I want to wear.  If she tries to put something on me and I am not feeling it I let her  know.  For this Fluff Fashionista it's my way or the highway. 

Look out mom, I have my own tastes when it comes to the fluff I wear!

this tiny fluffy fashionista,


  1. Look out! She will be designing her own soon!! <3

  2. O.o...What is the name of the brown GM with pink flowers! Love it


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