Friday, March 4, 2011

Zoom Zoom WHOOSH!

It hit me like a ton of bricks, so hard it knocked the wind out of me.

Maybe its due to the nostalgia I have been experiencing as the big 5 approaches.  Perhaps it was the sappy tearjerker ending to the movie we watched this evening (Toy Story 3).  Whatever it was as he ran to me arms out stretched saying "mommy I want to fly" and I bent to pick up my not so baby boy it hit me...... I won't be able to do this much longer.

He's getting heavy now, and tall too, its hard to get him off the ground and I can't do much "flying" with him anymore.  More spinning and dipping with a few squats thrown in as we both make "zoom zoom WHOOOSHHHH" noises playing our favorite game together.  We've played this since he was a baby.

I scooped him into my arms and we flew through the living room spinning and jumping, bouncing away.  Up and down the hall, zoom zoom WHOOSSSHHHH we went.  I dumped him on the couch in fits of giggles.  "Again mommy, again please oh please again" he begged.  So off we went again, two, three, four more times.  Each time his weight became more and more apparent and it just hit me..... this could be our last time to fly!!!!!

Where have the last 4 years, 11 months and 11 days gone??  Where is my teeny tiny Little Man at and who is this big smart handsome boy in my arms?

He's getting so big way too fast!  I don't know how many more flying trips we have left to take together so I am going to make a point to savor each and every one as if it's our last.  One day, far too soon for mommy, he's going to be too big to go zoom zoom WOOSH with anymore.

Who knew mommyhood could be so bittersweet?  You love to see them grow but its so hard to let go!

What's next, too big to snuggle with, to hug or kiss me in public, to say "I love you mom"?  Where is the pause button/?  Where are the brakes on this ride?  What, there are no brakes, no pause, no stopping?!

He's still my Little Man now though and its time to send him off to bed.  I think we will head that way zoom zoom WHOOSH style!

this nostalgic mama,


  1. :( I know what you mean! And you are brave for still helping him fly! I stopped with Eva last year lol... she's heavy!

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