Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: What does kindness look like to you?

So for the last Wednesday in March of Kindness I decided I wanted to put out a call for other mamas to send me a picture that represents kindness to them.  Thank you to the mamas who were kind and helped me out!

Here is what kindness looks like to you:

This is Kaia and my grand-daughter Zamahri. Z
was so tired and crabby and Kaia suggested that she would sit on the "hard"
part of the shopping basket so Zamahri could sit on her lap and have a comfy
place to rest while we were grocery shopping. :)  Cathy from Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers

kindness was giving up my closet so that my 5 yr old who likes to sleep in our room could fit a bigger bed and have her own special place
Tanya from The Rockin Mama Blog and Instinctual Mamas

This is our 4 year old daughter, Keelin, and our rescue Lab, Jessie, right before we took her to get her first round of heartworm treatment. Keelin was crying because she was sad to leave her, but smiling because she knew she was going to get some help.
Dusti from the blog Where Am I?

This is our 2 year old son, Jackson, using a doppler to listen to his baby brother's heartbeat. I was 15 weeks pregnant at the time. :)
Dusti from the blog Where Am I?

A loving cousin sharing grandma's lap with my girl.  With a gentle sweet tickle under the chin to make her smile. Katie from The Sparkle Mama

My girl giving an old dog a hug.  She seemed to know she was an old lady and was very gentle with her hugs and pets. Doggie, got a couple of kisses too.
Katie from The Sparkle Mama

To most it may just look like a picture of a little girl sharing but to me and my family it says so much more. Brooklyn (my niece) hates sharing food/drink with anyone but her mom especially milk and she got this way because her mom hates sharing food with anyone. It just grosses her out. But one day she very casually offered her glass of milk to my dh and I was so shocked I had to take a picture. When my sister saw it she was in total disbelief. So this photo represents the kindness my niece is showing by sharing with her uncle but it also represents the time and effort he put in to winning her over. ♥
lol it also highlights our ghetto little apartment/set up before we could buy our house. oh the joys of starting out

Larissa from Mintee Mama tried to share and I feel bad because my computer would not save her pictures.  Maybe she can post her own WW on what Kindness looks like to her.  Check out her blog to see if she does!  Stupid Computer!  I could view the images but when I tried to download or right click and save they would save as a blank document and not a picture.

Thank you to all of the mom's who helped me with this post, such a great act of kindness helping out another mama blogger  ♥

What does Kindness look like to you?

 ♥ Christy


  1. Such sweet pics! Great idea for this last March WW!

  2. LOVE! The pic made me cry because today is my grand-daughter Zamahri's 3rd birthday and I cant see her because she lives in Florida. Thanks for posting!

  3. awww Cathy <3 She is so beautiful too!
    Thanks everyone, I planned this when I decided to devote each WW in March to the March of Kindness. I thought it would be fitting hehe. Plus I knew it would be hard to come up with 4 posts myself, let alone 5!

  4. Oh I loved them. They were each so sweet.

  5. Such sweet WW pictures - I've just gone back through all of them. I especially love the pics of your kids being kind!

  6. What a wonderful WW theme! These are adorable and so, so sweet.
    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

  7. These are all beautiful acts of kindness! Thank you

  8. What a great idea for kindness. The one with the little girl being gentle with the old dog just touched my heart. Kids are so often present with things in a way it's easy to forget as adults


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