Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Random Acts of Birthday/Art Kindness

In trying to keep my Wordless Wednesday Posts all about Random Acts of Kindness for the March of Kindness this week I am sharing Little Mans kindness.

His 5th Birthday is on Monday, March 21 (don't even get me started on how big he is getting!  I may just cry!).  His party is this Saturday.  The theme is Art.

Little Man has been hard at work since last Fall making the most creative and beautiful drawings to display at his party.  It is going to be his debut art show.  We are going to hang them on the wall to display and have a silent auction with our friends/family.

I sat down and told Little Man about 3 charities I thought he would like and let him pick which one he wanted to donate the money to, he chose. Sleepyhead Beds, a charity that gives beds/bedding to kids who do not have any.

He is super excited about his art show, so I hope everyone buys something.  We don't expect large bids.  I am starting everything at 50 cents and figure they can go up by 5 cents, we don't expect much more than 50 cents to $1 per item.

Mommy is so proud of his huge heart!

So once again my "Wordless" Wednesday post has tons of words, lets get to the pictures already.....

on of my all time favs!  I really don't want to put it in
but he insists as its his "best ever".  Guess mommy
has to buy this one!
I love that he adds belly buttons to everything
another of my favs, I foresee mommy buying a lot of his pictures!
elephant front
elephant back
a bunch of the pics for the auction together


  1. I love everything! I'm going to browse these pics and decide what I'm buying!

  2. I love the birthday theme and choosing a charity and all of this gorgeous artwork!

  3. This is such a great idea. My daughter recently collected a baggie full of scraps of paper (Her favorite art right now is cutting paper. She doesn't really want to glue it onto paper though, so it's sort of un collage.) and told me that she wanted to send it to someone who doesn't have a home. I felt so bad trying to explain to her why that wasn't an appropriate thing to send, and she decided to give it to her gym teacher instead. I will have to remember this idea and try it out sometime.

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

  4. I love this whole post. Such a sweet, sweet family you're raising. And that art is so adorable. Thank you.

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!


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