Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OH SNAP! Blissful Booty Diaper's Snappy Surprise

I have already written about my love for the Blissful Booty Wipe Water, Cloth Wipes and Booster Pads.  I have been meaning to write a profession of love for the diapers themselves for awhile now but never could find the time. 

I was going to write about how blissfully soft the diapers are.  They are by far the nicest diapers I have ever had the privilege to try.  They are the ultimate comfort line of diapers.  Like pooping on a cloud!  Seriously, all 3 girls seem to prefer to do their business in those diapers, it never fails, as soon as I put them on someones stinky.

They are an AIO diaper and have all the ease of a disposable, even cloth diaper newbies can easily figure out how to use these-a fact the poor hubs mourns as his excuse for not changing diapers was he didn't "know how" to work the cloth ones.  No excuses now mister!

The only real "complaint" I had about the diapers was the aplix (velcro) closure.  I much prefer snaps myself.  I know many in the cloth diaper world love aplix though, I am just more of a snaps girl.  I have 3 in diapers, all of whom are now old enough to pull the diapers off whenever they want.  Also they get accidentally pulled off as well.  I stated more than once that the only thing that Blissful Booty Diapers needed in order to be, in my eyes, the perfect diaper were snaps.......

So guess what.......


Cathy, owner/creator/operator of Blissful Booty has decided to add a special feature for her diapers...SNAPS!  The diapers still have the aplix closure for all of the moms who prefer this BUT you will now see an extra feature to add snaps for $2 more.  This still keeps the diaper under $20 and for an AIO diaper that's a great price.  Plus you will have the best of both worlds, aplix closure for a trimmer fit AND snaps to help keep the diaper secure and in place.

Even better, you get to select the color combinations.  You can select multiple coordinating colors or just 1 and mix and match that with either the cream or celery diapers.
The colors currently offered are red, purple, aqua, baby blue, light pink, brown, and cream (not pictured).

I am still relatively new to the CD world and not familiar with ALL cloth diaper lines but this is the first time I personally have ever seen a diaper offer both features.  I have seen a few companies with an either/or option but never both.

The day they arrived in the mail I washed them and placed one on each girl.  Monkey is the worst when it comes to ripping her diapers off and I secretly took a little pleasure in watching her try and try and try to rip it off.  It was like she knew that diaper was supposed to come off and she just couldn't figure how to accomplish this.  She got red in the face and even started screaming at it, gripping and pulling so hard her knuckles turned white... the diaper stayed in place!

Just when I thought the Blissful Booty diapers couldn't get any better, they did!

The littliest things make me so happy!!

I know I cannot be the only one who is this ecstatic over snaps......

this snappi loving mama,


  1. No you aren't. I'm patiently waiting for my set to try out. :-)


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