Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have to laugh or else I may cry

May be TMI for some, invloves POO, don't say I didn't warn you!

A "fun" little sequence of events that just happened in our home:

I hear Little Man cry out "MOOOO-OOOM Smunchkin took off her diaper and now she's pooing"


So I rush back into the play room and sure enough there Smunchkin is, diaper no where to be found and a nice little pile of poop between her legs.  The only comfort I could give myself was at least it was a sold which meant easy(ish) clean up.

I had Tubs in my arms so I set her down on the floor and took Smunchkin to the bathroom to clean her up, then went to the playroom to remove the offending poopy.  When I cam back to the bathroom Smunchkin says "mama, I wanna  potty" a little late for that but I always want to encourage all desire to use the potty so I placed her on the potty where she proceeded to wipe pretend who knows what.

While we are in the bathroom I hear "MOOOO-OOOOM, now Monkey is pooping too"


I make Sunchkin quickly finish up and flush her pretend potty away and rush BACK into the playroom to discover that NO, Monkey is not pooping too, apparently Snuchkin did not stay in 1 spot while she was pooping and mommy missed some.  Thankfully Monkey found it for mommy and she was even "nice" enough to share some with Tubs.  I really need to reevaluate our sharing policy to omit certain things.

Picture Monkey finger painting the carpet with it while Tubs squishes a good handful in her chubby little fist just squealing away like its the best thing ever.

I take Monkey and Tubs into the bathroom and begin to wash Tubs hand in the sink.  So far that's the only place she has the poo so I wanted to get her washed down first before she got it anywhere else.  monkey had it all over her hands, clothes and some in her hair so she was going to need a bath.

Ah sweet Monkey, always thinking ahead for mommy.  While scrubbing Tubs chubby fist, that she is refusing to open and let go of her prize, Monkey disappeared behind the partial wall that separates the main bathroom/sink area from the toilet/shower area.  I knew immediately what she was doing and called out "don't do it, don't you dare do it" but before I could set Tubs safely down on the floor I heard a squeal and splash.


I wish I could say it ends here but alas it did not.  The poo still had a few more "fun" surprises planned for me.

I stripped Monkey down and placed her in the shower to scrub her off.  Once she was clean I wrapped her in a towel and headed to the living room to get her dress.  No sooner did I step into the hallway and SQUISH, right between the toes.

At this point I just started hysterically laughing so hard that I am crying.  I set Monkey's naked tush down in the hall and limp back into the bathroom to wash my foot off.  As I am doing this Little Man comes into the bathroom in tears with his beloved blue Ellie (the elephant) that he has had since he was born.  He hands her to me sobbing and says "mom" sniff hiccup "" sniff sniff, BAWL.  Ellie was covered in poo.

Seriously, why does no one tell you about days like this before you have kids?  Where is my reality show, that would have made for some hilarious air time people.  I am still just hysterically laughing as I relive it.

At least I can laugh about it right.

Poopy, err I mean Christy

P.S. The picture above is not from this incident.


  1. This made me laugh so hard I cried! I'm still pregnant with my first and am happy to have been forewarned about moments like this. I realize there's not much you can do to prepare for them, but at least now I know to just laugh!
    Thanks for Sharing!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! This just gave me a great laugh!! lol


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