Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Habiba and Alma, Together Again

Such Joyous news to share today!!  Habiba has been reunited with her daughter Alma after a traumatic and unnecessary 3 week separation.  If you are not familiar with this story please read the blog I am Habiba, You are Habiba, We are ALL Habiba.

So far,. most of the press releases are in Spanish so I do not have a lot of information.  The little I have found in English comes from

"In a translated statement from the Instituto Madrileño del Menor y la Familia, IMMF or the Madrid Institute for Children and Families, Habiba "has been assessed that in the last three weeks, the mother's attitude has evolved favorably."
It is reported that she has a job and a residence per the request of the IMMF. Habiba has also agreed to participate in psychological therapy."
- Reunited! Mother and child separated over attachment parenting together again.
  Jennifer Antonil
  Milford New Moms Examiner
  June 22, 2011 12:32 pm

Just to know that Alma is in the arms of her mama again, where she belongs, brings tears to my eyes.

From the Worldwide Mothers support Habiba! IMMF Give her baby back:
TOGETHER, EMBRACED AND FREE. little Alma is recovering leaning her head against her mom's breast without separating from her for an instant, as if everything had been a bad dream. Habiba shines with joy, as we have never seen her before. We reassure you everything you have done has been worth it. Alma, Habiba and us we will be eternally grateful for all your support.-Fundación Raices

I pray  that Habiba was able to keep up her supply during the separation, nothing will heal the wounds better than the close bond that nursing provides.  I also pray that the separation was short enough and Alma is young enough that there will be no lasting damage to her.  Hopefully it will fade away and she will grow up only remembering the love and security that her mama provided her with.

I was so elated I just wanted to share the news!!

We may have won this battler, but as the Worldwide Mothers Support Habiba  FB page also reports:
"Lynne Gomez: Just because Habiba and Alma are reunited does NOT mean this fight is over! Who will be the next Habiba? Who will be the next baby Alma? IMMF *NEEDS* to understand that this was unacceptable behavior and that it will not be ok for it to happen again.... We need to keep ON this so that no other mother and child have to go through this ordeal!!!"

For now, let's just shine in the glory of this victory.  Habiba and Alma, together again, together forever!

The Worldwide Mothers Support Habiba FB Page uploaded the most beautiful photo of mama and baby in each others arms again but blogger is being a pain in the tush and will NOT let me upload it right now.  I will try to come back later and add it, for now check out their page to see the picture.

FINALLY able to share the picture now:

this joyous mama,


  1. I am overwhelmed with joy about this. I had such anguish for this mama and child. So grateful they are reunited!!!

  2. I'm SO HAPPY to hear this! I've been wandering around wondering how to help her get her baby back, feeling signing the petitions wasn't enough, and hugging my little baby tons wondering what I'd do if it happened to us. I'm so glad they're back together....

  3. Wow! I just read your original post & this update now! Thank GOD that they have been reunited. My daughter is 14 months & 4 days old & I am still nursing her.
    I cannot imagine what this mother & child went through.
    It is heartbreaking!
    I'm sad I only heard of this now - I would have liked to have added this to my own blog, but thankfully, they are together! :)


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