Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tender Moment Tuesdays- Picnic

Saturday morning we awoke to no power in the house.  Heavy storms had moved through overnight and knocked power out widely in our area.  Thankfully it was cool(ish) outside so we played out there.  At lunch time there was still  no power so we decided to have a little picnic outside.

Not a huge significant event I know but it made the cut for Tender Moment Tuesdays because of how much my kids enjoyed it.  They were all so excited, they giggled and laughed as they ate.  Teddy exclaimed multiple times things such as "this is awesome!" and "this is the best day EVER!" a few of those times Kimmy parroted him agreeing that it was indeed  the "best day EVER!"

In this picture Teddy was exclaiming that it was indeed
the "best day EVER!"

this sentimental mama,

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