Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Having a Smoothie on The Sparkle Mama

Do you know who The Sparkle Mama is?  Do you follow her?  If not you don't know what you are missing!!

The Sparkle Mama is a wonderful blogging mama who, if you have to put labels on it, would best fit the parenting labels of Instinctive, Natural, Green, and Attachment.

By far, my favorite thing about The Sparkle Mama has GOT to be her altruistic nature.  She is the epitome of Random Acts of Kindness!  She actually has a budget she sets aside each month to fund these random acts of kindness.  For 2 months in a row she single handedly funded Spreading The Fluffy Love either paying the shipping costs to get donated diapers to mama's in need or outright buying them diapers herself.  I want to be just like her when I grow up!

I love The Sparkle Mama, I think she is awesome.  I thought she was awesome long before she ever started helping with Spreading The Fluffy Love and we became friends.  Never, in my wildest dreams, did I EVER expect to be on the receiving end to one of her random acts kindness.

Saturday, I was just that!  I don't know how she did it or why she did it but she sent me a blender with a cute little note attached to it that said "You gotta be able to make green smoothies!"

If you follow The Sparkle Mama, you know she has been into making green drinks and trying to find one that her daughter would accept.  I left a comment that a blender was definitely on my list of kitchen must haves to buy.  The next thing I know, I'm getting a blender in the mail!

Katie, YOU ROCK!  I  ♥ you so much!  I really do admire the person that you are and I hope that one day we will have the financial means to do exactly what you do!!

For the rest of you, Katie (aka The Sparkle Mama) does SO MUCH for SO MANY I really feel inadequate that I have no real way to give back to her, other than to write this blog.  If anyone would be willing, I would love to try and organize a "Let's give back to The Sparkle Mama" event.  I hear she likes Piggy Paint Nail Polish, fun sparkly lip glosses and any yummy smelling natural body product.  If you want to help out, please let me know.

We made smoothies today and toasted to The Sparkle Mama!

Teddy requested a Banana/Orange/Pineapple smoothie.  I made it with some Simply Orange Juice, a fresh banana and frozen pineapple.  I slipped some frozen spinach in too when he wasn't looking, shhhhhhhhh!

Kimmy, Karma and Sariah enjoyed a Mango/Orange/Strawberry/Peach smoothie made with Simply Orange Juice, and a frozen medley of mango, peaches and strawberries.  I also slipped some frozen spinach in when they were not looking.

Mama had a Cucumber/Strawberry/Orange/Blueberry smoothie made with frozen strawberries, fresh cucumbers from a neighbors garden, fresh blueberries and Simply Orange Juice, I also added a bit of frozen spinach to it.

They were so yummy!  Teddy is already thinking up flavors for us to try next.  He wants to try watermelon and strawberry he says.

this smoothie makin' mama,


  1. Yes!!!! <3 <3 <3 The Sparkle Mama rocks!!! She sparkled into my life over the weekend too! Katie started me out on my cloth diapering journey and I was @ first moved to tears and then soooo excited that I had to share the story of our very fist fluff with EVERYONE! lol Her gesture really spoke volumes to me about the simple of acts of listening and giving. I wanna be like the Sparkle Mama when I grow up too! :D Def want to participate in any way I can to giving back! Pls let me know what I can do or how I can contact u! Btw, I love spinach in our smoothies too ;)

  2. She is awesome! I love being a part of this awesome group of Mama's! Such a great feeling to be on the giving or receiving end of a RAC! <3

  3. Loved the description of your site. It sounds like my family. I have 6 kids 6 and under! Mommy vs kids! so true some days!


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