Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: Two Hip-Peas in a Pod

If you have followed my blog for any length of time then you know I like to write about products I truly love, and I truly love cloth diapers.  I don't do this as a giveaway or because the company sent me free stuff * I do it just because I love the product (DIAPER!).  In the past I have written about how much I love Econobums, Bummis and all things Blissful Booty

Today I want to write about another amazing diaper find I have made, Two Hip-Peas in a Pod.

pretty sure this was the only time Sariah ever got
to wear this diaper.
Two Hip-Peas in a Pod was started by 2 cloth lovin WAHM who are also sisters.  These mamas are very talented and creative.  They make pocket style cloth diapers.  Every week when they stock I stalk their page just so I can drool over the yummilicious diapers they have created.  I often tell my hubby to count his blessings that we are not rich or else I would break us buying up all of these scrumptious diapers.  Only a cloth diapering mama can really understand what I mean.  Check out their Hyena cart to get a little taste for what these ladies can do.

These mamas have done things with their diapers that I have never seen any other WAHM do.  Not saying they created or invented these ideas just that it was the first time I ever saw it including dividing up and doing 2 prints on the same diaper and using minky on the OUTSIDE of the diaper and not just the inside (although all of their diapers have some sort of minky/velour soft innner).

I do have the honor of owning 2 amazing diapers from these ladies.  A Very Hungry Caterpillar diaper and recently a 4th of July diaper.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar diaper is 2 prints in 1 diaper.  The back and front cross over snap portion is in the "dots" print (think inside of the book front cover) and the front of the diaper is the "and then he ate..." print with all of the naughty foods he ate that gave him a bellyache.  It has green minky on the inside.

Anyone who knows me knows about my love affair with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  When I found out I could get a diaper in this print I HAD to have one!  It was diaper lust at first sight!  I am in love with this diaper and so is Kimmy, aka my Fluffy Fashionista.  I got this diaper back in April and it has been worn every single day.  Its not hard to do with 3 in diapers BUT this one is almost always worn by Kimmy.  If I even try to put it on one of the other girls she has a complete meltdown on me.  She calls it her "candy diaper" and refuses to let anyone else wear it.

So I can attest that not only are these diapers fun to look at and have in your collection but they really stand up to the test of time.  Being worn and washed everyday from April until now and the diaper still looks and works great.

I had someone ask about leaking issues as she was worried that most WAHM diapers leak.  I can promise you this diaper does not leak.  I only had issues once with it leaking but it was human error on my part.  We were running late for church and Kimmy did not want to wear the diaper I had picked out for her she wanted her "candy diaper" so I grabbed it and stuffed an insert in quickly.  After only 20 minutes she was leaking out.  When I went to change her I realized the insert was all bunched up inside and the side she was leaking on had no insert at all.  So that was my fault for not making sure the insert was properly put in.

The only real issues I have ever had with the diaper is with the minky material, which is no fault of the maker.  I have just noticed that minky sometimes tends to hold onto oder more than other materials.  This could also be just because Kimmy has very strong concentrated urine because she never drinks enough (can't force a kid to drink, and now your lives are all complete because you know that she has concentrated urine).  BUT, I have always been able to get the smell out using either sunning, stripping, Dawn dish soap or most recently fresh lemons (check out my Cloth Tidbits post for more info).

We also JUST got a 4th of July diaper.  I am obsessed with 4th of July clothes, not because I like the holiday itself (I actually have a very irrational fear of fireworks and detest the holiday) but because Miss Kimmy herself was born on the 4th of July.  She was born 4 days late and I joke that she did it on purpose just so she could have that b-day.

The 4th of July diaper is a Holiday print that is blue with red/white/blue sparkly flag print stars (you can't see the sparkles from the pics but trust me they are there) and has a white minky (possibly velour as I easily get the 2 confused and it does not have the dots but stripes, feels like minky though) inner.  I can't get a picture of the diaper by itself as Kimmy is currently wearing it.  The day she opened it up she handed it to me and declared "oooo, a new diaper, put it on my butt!"  I think it's safe to say she loves it.

Yes, Kimmy is turning 3 this year and yes we are starting to try and stir up interest in her to try potty learning but she still loves her diapers and a 4th of July diaper was the perfect gift for her.  Anyone who knows her knows that.  Just like last year, for her 2nd b-day some good friends of ours gave her binkies.  Everyone else laughed that she was too old but that was her favorite gift.  I never worried much about her binkie (or bebe as we call them) habit and she self-weaned on her own in January of this year at 2.5 years old.  I never made it a big deal and always let her have them when she wanted.  I am trying to do the same with diapers.

If you are looking for the perfect cutesy diaper for an upcoming holiday or special event you have got to check these ladies out.  I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with for Halloween and Christmas, I just hope I have the $$ to get some diapers at that time (winters are hard for us).  In the very least Sariah will still be wearing diapers (as we are working on potty learning for Kimmy and Karma as a pair, Kimmy is more motivated since Karma is doing it too) and she will "need" a Halloween and Christmas one.

Now, what are you waiting for, go check them out and drool!

this creative cloth lovin' mama,

P.S. They also make AWESOME mama cloth, theirs is the only REAL mama cloth I own (the rest were crudely made by me, their work WAY better!).  I have an upcoming blog post in the works all about my journey into the world of mama cloth.

*I have received or won some free stuff form some of the companies listed but not because I did a review for them.  Some we were chosen to be testers for, others I won in contests.  None were given to me in exchange for a review, which is kind of obvious since I have no giveaway attached to them.  I just love to share about products that I know are good and worth the money.


  1. Holy cow, that Very Hungry Caterpillar Diaper is the cutest thing (besides my daughter!) that I've seen in a long time. Want.

  2. oh tell me about it! The first time I saw the caterpillar diaper it gave me a SERIOUS case of diaper envy, I had to get one haha.

  3. Do you have an email for Two Hip-Peas in a Pod? I'm trying to get in touch with them about a diaper for my sons birthday. Thanks!


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