Thursday, September 9, 2010

I HEART Econobums!

When I saw Ted walk in the door with the little white package 2 days ago I knew exactly what was inside, my Econobums covers I had ordered days earlier.  I was so excited to rip into the package, even though I had been cloth diapering for a few weeks, these were the first covers I had been able to pick out and buy new.  Everything else I had was given to me by a good friend, but these were "mine".

The first thing I thought when I saw them was how cute and teeny tiny they looked, they were set on the smallest setting.  I wanted to immediately put them on my girls but decided it was best to wash them first.  It seemed to take forever to get them clean. I couldn't believe I was this excited about anything that had to do with diapers but I was. 

Once they were clean I put 1 on Kimmy and 1 on Karma, Karma is rocking hers out in the picture to the right.  They may be plain white and not as much "fun" to those familiar with the cloth diapering world but they were min and I loved them.  I loved how they fit, the other covers I had been given were like most CD covers and added more bulk or "fluff" as they call it.  The Econobum covers fit so sleek, paired with only 1 prefold you can barely tell they have a cloth diaper on.

The other reason why I love these diapers so much is their wallet friendly prices.  The 2 I bought were on a seconds sale through and were a mere $4.95 each.  This is pennies compared to the prices of many other covers.  The regular price for an Econobums cover is $8.95.  The cover plus 1 prefold is only $9.95 and then they have great starter kits.  They have a trial pack with 1 cover and 3 prefolds for $11.95.  They have a day pack for $48.95, this comes with 3 covers, 12 prefolds and 1 wet bag and its all you would need to cloth diaper a baby for 1 day, possibly 2, depending on how often you have to change your baby.  Then they have a complete set, all you would need to cloth diaper 1 baby full time for under $100  It comes with 6 covers, 24 prefolds and 1 wet bag.  These are great prices for families like ours that may not have a lot of money to invest in CDing but want to make the switch.

I have decided from now on I will buy people either the trial pack or day pack, depending on finances at the time, to give as baby shower gifts.  I believe if people could see a cloth diaper, touch it, feel it and learn to use it they would like them.  So many people, me included, think of cloth in terms of old school cloth diapering.  The stuff our parents or grandparents used and its so much easier now. 

I am so happy I made the switch and I want to help others to learn that cloth is just as easy as disposables.  Before I switched I thought it was going to be so hard, they were going to make my whole house smell and add a lot of work onto my already overflowing plate.  In reality they were easy, added no extra work and if anything they help me because they make me think about laundry on a daily basis so that my laundry does not build up on me.

So if you are thinking about trying out some cloth, give Econobums a try.  They are so cheap that if you decide cloth is not for you you don't have to worry about some big upfront investment.  As I said before, they are kinda boring, only coming in plain white.  They have announced color trims coming soon though.  If you give them a try and decide you like cloth then you can experiment with other brands and buy the fun colorful covers they offer.
 I am perfectly happy with my plain white little bums though.



  1. Love it!! Cottonbabies should be sponsoring us ;) heheh

  2. Haha, they should Tanya! Or at least link our blogs on their page. Nothing helps sales like testimonials from other moms. I'm not trying to help their sales though, just trying to help people find the confidence to learn to cloth diaper. Too bad only 5 people follkow my blog and I am pretty sure they all use cloth already haha. O-Well

  3. I LOVE your CD hanger!! I found you on the BG FB post. Come link up your post and while you're there enter my cloth diaper giveaway! -Bonnie @


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