Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mommy is funny.

So I have already posted 1 blog today but this was just too funny, I had to post.  This would only happen to a mom.

I am sure the picture to the right seems odd, keep reading and look closely and it will make sense.

It was 9pm, I was holding my Tub Tub (Aka Sariah) when she spit up on me. As I was wiping my shoulder off I noticed what appeared to be a seam on my shirt. I looked over at the other shoulder and YEP seam there too! I looked down the side, seam running all the way down to a TAG!!

My shirt was inside out! I wore it ALLL DAY like this! It wouldn't be so bad on a normal day but today I ran some errands and went grocery shopping.

Even worse, as I laughed at myself for this and pointed it out to Ted his reply was "Oh yeah, I noticed that this morning". THANKS A LOT! MEN!
So in light of this discovery I treated myself to a Milky Way.  I started to turn the shirt around the right way but stopped myself, its bedtime, whats the point now.
P.S. In my hubby's  "defense" he said he noticed "after" I got home from my errands and didnt see a reason to point it out because he figured I knew....... Yeah, not much of a defense hehe.


  1. Too funny! I almost put my shirt on inside out this morning, but noticed when I was trying to button it that it was on the wrong way, hahaha! Ted's defense is totally something Robert would say too. And you're so right...that's only something a Mom would have happen to her...we're so preoccupied with trying to take care of everyone else, we don't notice things we need to about us half the time!

  2. Haha!! Just the other day, late in the afternoon, my hubby asked me why I was wearing my tank top inside out? I told him it was so I wouldn't get any dye splattered on it while I was tye dying some shirts! He just looked at me and grinned like I was "busted"!! So nice to know that we can look at this stuff and laugh!!

  3. lol Cheryl, that's funny. This was not the first or last time that has ever happened to me. Just a few weeks ago I had a pair of yoga pants on inside out for most of the day! Everytime it happens now I think about this blog.


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