Friday, September 17, 2010

You know your a mom when......

Anyone who knows me knows this phrase comes out of my mouth at least once a day, usually followed by some crazy or funny thing that my kids have done that day.  So I have decided to make a reoccurring post here filled with all the crazy and funny things that have happened to me that week.
I haven't actually been keeping track all week, but here are the few I can think of off the top of my head that have happened this week:

You know you are a mom when you hear the words "don't stick your head in the toilet" come out of your mouth and it sounds completely natural and reasonable to say.

You know you are a mom when you have multiple TVs in your home but they all have insert annoying preschooler cartoon name here on them.

You know you are a mom when you write a blog about how much you enjoy doing your laundry.

You know you are a mom when your brain is so mushy you start having "typos" in your everyday speech.  Example:
I was talking to Ted about Kimmy needing winter clothing and said "Nimmy is going to need some clothes this winter" NIMMY?  That's pretty bad.  That's worse than mixing up your kids names.  That's worse than calling your kid by your dogs name.

You know you are a mom when you get peed on and it doesn't even gross you out, even worse you may or may not change your shirt.
OK-Confession here.  While out grocery shopping I was carrying Sariah in a Baby Bjorn carrier and she peed on me.  Second time this has happened, when I put her in it it caused a shift in her diaper creating a gap.  Bu the time we got home the shirt was dry and I honestly had forgotten about it.  I didn't remember until I went to get ready for bed that night, WHOOPS.

You know you are a mom when you go to do the dishes but realize there are still some dishes in the dining room on the table from the last meal so you go in there to collect them.  While in the dining room you notice some toys on the floor and you decide to quickly pick those up and take them to your child's room to put away.  While in your child's room you smell that someone has made you a nice little poopy package so you take them and quickly change their diaper.  When you go to put the dirty diaper in the laundry room you realize you forgot to start the washing machine full of dirty diapers so you quickly get that going.  On your way out of the laundry room you see a sippy cup on the floor which reminds you that you were trying to do dishes.  On your way back to the kitchen and dishes another kid sees the cup in your hand and asks for a drink.  As you get that child a drink every other kid you have runs in and ALSO wants a drink.  You realize there are no more cups to be found in the kitchen, clean or dirty.  You hunt through the entire house looking for more sippy cups and spot crumbs, dirt and ground in who knows what all over your floor.  Cups finally located and kids happily drinking you bust out the vacuum to clean up the dirt.  As you are vacuuming 1 kid steals anothers cup and runs as fast as she can but trips and falls and starts to cry.  You realize its she is tired and, YEP, its nap time so you quickly scoop her up and lay her down for a much needed nap.  On the way back out to finishing up vacuuming you step on the offending sippy cup and almost break your leg which reminds you once again that this all started because you wanted to do dishes.
YEAH- That happened in my house several times this week, in that exact order at least once haha.

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  1. LOL! that was a fun read! the last part with the sequence of things was a crack up! that's eactly what happens to me everyday! lol...


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