Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rest in Peace Pablo, Caterpillar and Tails

I never knew I could become this emotionally invested in a book!

Dear Pablo, Caterpillar and Tails,

Rest in peace, you will be missed.

I have taped and glued you each back together more times than I can count.  Monkey has finally annihilated you beyond all hope of repair.  I don't know why she hated you all so, perhaps her curiosity just got the best of her and she wanted to see if their were more to your stories hidden in the pages somewhere.

Here Come The Backyardigans- 
You were one of Little Mans first books ever, and the first one he ever truly loved.  He carried you everywhere with him for months.  I can still remember him climbing into my lap, not even a year old and handing you to me saying "book, Pabo book".

We poured over your pages for hours looking at the pictures, talking and laughing about your adventures and of course looking for Pablo.  That silly penguin, where was he hiding anyways?

Smunchkin loved you just as much as Little Man, turning your large thick pages with her chubby hands and squealing with delight as she found Pablo on each page.  "Pabo! Pabo! Pabo!" she would squeal and laugh while pointing to that cunning penguin.

Sure , your pages were colored on, ripped in places and a few faces/eyes were missing but we loved you just the same, flaws and all.  It gave you character and showed how well loved you truly were.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar-
You were discovered by Little Man when he was 18 months old.  Again we loved you dearly and spent hours flipping through your fun multi-sized pages.

You taught Little Man so much, he loved to hear your journey over and over again.  Delighted at counting all the fruit you ate each day and marveled as you turned into a beautiful butterfly at the end.

You taught Smunchkin  the names for many different fruits as well as her colors and how to count.  She loved your sized pages and the holes you chewed through each food item.


We had such a short time with you, you came to us as a gift for Smunchkins first birthday. 

I can remember 3 little bodies squished onto mommy's lap as we read the marvelous wonders of the animal kingdom and their many different tails.  There were soft tails, swishy tails, slinky tails, small tails, strong tails and even stinky tails! EW! 

Everyone wanted to take a turn playing with the various tails making them swish and swat, petting them and even smelling them even though we knew every time it would be stinky.

Our time with you was short but we loved you just the same!


one choked up mama,

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