Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where's Monkey? There She is!

Last night before I went to bed I peaked in the kids room to check on them, as I do every night.  Its a habit I have had since we moved into this house and the kids started sleeping in their own room (before that they always slept in our bedroom as our apartment was tiny).  I also do this to make sure that Monkey is actually asleep and not just being quiet.  I do not want to go to bed until I know for sure she is asleep.

So I slowly turned the knob and cracker the door open ever so slightly.  I wanted to be slow and quiet about it in case someone was still awake/  I didn't want them to see me and get upset.  I peaked in and immediately saw that Little Man had once again fallen asleep in bed with Smunchkin.  I scanned the bed but there was no little mound to indicate Monkey was also in bed with them, like she usually is.

I looked over at Little Man's bed to see if she as there but that bed was empty.  Monkey doesn't even have her own bed in there because she refuses to sleep in it and actually tore the plastic covering off her mattress in huge chunks exposing the foam inside.  She always sleeps either in Smunchkin or Little Mans bed.

Since I did not see her in either bed I scanned the floor.  She often just falls asleep on the floor playing while trying to keep herself awake.  I scanned and scanned but there was no Monkey to be found.

At this point I started to feel a little anxious.  I opened the door the rest of the way and stepped into the room.  I looked all over the floor, beside the bed and even under Smunchkin's bed but there was still no Monkey.

In a panic I flipped on the light and began searching the room, and then I saw her.  I just busted out laughing and called for my hubby.

This is where I found Monkey sleeping..........

We don't call her Monkey for nothing!!  She's like a cat I swear.  The Hubs watched her while I grabbed the camera.  After I snapped the picture I wrapped her in a blanket and laid her on Little Man's bed.  I had to change her diaper because it was REALLY wet, even though she had been wearing it only 2 hours.  Which is why I still have her sleep in disposables most nights.  Cloth just can't hold up for her overnight! She woke up for a second and cried but quickly fell back to sleep, THANKFULLY!  I was ready for bed and not for round two!

Oh Monkey, what are we going to do with you!

a mama to a crazy Monkey!

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