Saturday, February 5, 2011

Through a Preschoolers Eyes- Little Sister

Little Man Continues to amaze me with the pictures he takes on my camera so I have decided to make this a reoccurring topic.  I am not going to give it a set schedule (like once a week or once a month) as I am horrible at remembering to post each time, my poor 365 Project Blog is proof of that.  I will just post when he takes more photos that really impress and move me (I promise no more than 1 entry per week though).
This time he captured some amazing shots of Smunchkin.  She just looks so happy and you can see how much she loves her big brother.  She takes better pictures so him than she does for me!  If I had known she would look so pretty in these pictures I would have cleaned her face off.  He asked to use my camera right after dinner 1 night and he took these while I was cleaning up the kitchen before I gave them baths.

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