Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Snowmageddon 2011

9:00 am 02/02/20111

12:00 pm 02/01/2011-poor neighbors car got stuck

12:30 pm- Hubby and another neighbor help to dig her out

3:00 pm- starting to really pile up

4:00 pm- up to the poor doggy's belly in some areas

5:00 pm-that drift is as tall as the bird bath!

6:00 pm- where did the hay bales in the field go?
that field was full of hay bales just hours earlier!

9:00 pm-Slumber party in mommy and daddy's room
after loosing power.  Thankfully it was only out 3 hrs

9:00 am- 02/02-2011 That snow drift hits me at almost my
chest.  Its taller than my 4 yr old!

11:00 am- 02/02/2011 Snow so deep neighbors use
bobcats to help dig us out.
Love living in the sticks with awesome neighbors!
P.S. That's NOT a shadow, that's the same
chest high snow drift as the picture above!


  1. I can so relate to this post! Here in Connecticut we've had major storms every week since Christmas, and now we've had 8 snow days home from school. We won't get out til June 28!
    I've got a 6'drift in front of my house and about 4' on the ground! It's crazy!!!

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

  2. I don't know if you know this, but your facebook like bar on the side of your blog has the wrong URL it gives you the option to like "facebook platform" not your blog. just a heads up

  3. yeah thanks India, I am quite compute rillkiterate I am not even sure how I put that on there as I did it right after I created the blog haha. I was TRYING to put the link to my blogs FB page but obviously that did not work :(

    Farmer's Daughter- 6' drifts YIKES! This is one fo the snows we will tell our grandchildren about. Of course when we tell it I am sure we will be barefoot and walking 20 miles in it haha.


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