Friday, May 20, 2011

The Blissful Booty Experiment

**I feel I must add a disclaimer to the beginning of this haha.  I do not typically let my kids sit in 1 diaper all day or until they leak out.  I normally change them every 2-3 hrs but for the purpose of this "experiment" I did let them stay in the same diaper for up to 8 hrs just to prove a point.

The Blissful Booty Absorbency Experiment

The purpose of this experiment is to show how long you can keep a blissful booty diaper on your baby with out any leaks.  I decided to do this, on my own without the knowledge of Cathy from Blissful Booty, after she received a few reviews that said they could only keep the diaper on for 1-2 hours before leaks occurred.  I knew that her diapers were capable of going so much longer than that.  All of my girls sleep overnight in blissful booty diapers just fine. 

For this experiment I did use Blissful Booty Booster pads, I didn't even think about it the first 2 days as I always use those because it just makes poop clean up easier.  So I am adding an unplanned 4th day today with no boosters and will update it goes.

For 3 days I wrote down what time I placed a Blissful Booty Diaper on each girl and let them wear it until I noticed leaking and wrote down what time I had to change them.  There were a few poopy monkey wrenches thrown in and I never let anyone go more than 8 hrs without changing them.

This is a very UNscientific experiment that I did on my own.  Many factors can change things such as proper fit of the diapers and proper care when washing.  If any cloth diapers, not just Blissful Booty, are not cared for and washed properly they will not preform well.  If you notice your diapers are not absorbing like they should make sure you are using a cloth diaper safe detergent (we use Country Save in our home) and that you are rinsing the diapers clean.  Soap build up from improper detergents and incomplete rinses cause diapers to loose absorbency.

I did not change anything else from our routine.  All 3 girls still ate and drank as normal.


Kimmy loving some Blissful Fluff!
Kimmy is my oldest, she is almost 3.  She weighs 23ish pounds and wears a L BB diaper.  She is a light wetter and can go all night in a blissful booty diaper +1 booster from 7:30ish pm (bedtime is 8 pm and I do bedtime diapers 15-20 minutes prior to that) until anywhere from 7:30-9am depending on when she wakes up.

Tuesday May 17-  awoke alittle before 8am.  Changed diaper at 8am.  She wore the diaper 8 hrs and I changed her at 4pm-no leaks occurred.
Wednesday May 18- awoke at 7:23 am, diaper changed at 7:30 am.  Wore until 2:39 pm with no leaks, had to change at 2:39 due to poo-poo.
Thursday May 19- awoke 9:11 am, changed diaper at 9:20am.  Wore until 2:45ish with no leaks and once again had to change due to poo.
Friday, May 20- awoke at 7:49 am, changed diaper at 8am. At this point there are no leaks- no booster pads today

Karma in a celery Blissful Booty
Karma just turned 2, she weighs about 24ish pounds (yes, more than Kimmy!) and also wears a large BB diaper.
Karma is my super soaker.  She is actually the only one who managed to leak in this "experiment".  I put her to bed in a BB diaper with 2 boosters and a fleece cover on top.  Its the only thing that keeps her from leaking out overnight.  She is also a little drink thief and drinks her entire cup every time plus she gets ahold of at least 1 of the others kids drinks and also drinks it.  She easily gets twice the amount of liquids as the others.  She has no "off" switch when it comes to thirst, if there is a drink she will drink it.

Tuesday May 17-  awoke a little before 8am.  Changed diaper at 8am. Leaked out around lunch time, I was making lunch and noticed it as we sat down to eat about 12:30 pm so 4-4.5 hours.
Wednesday May 18, awoke at 6:30am, didn't change diaper until almost 7:30 am.  Leaked out again at lunchtime.  This day it was closer to 5 hrs.
Thursday May 19- awoke at 7:20ish am, changed diaper at 7:30.  Pooped at 11:34 am, did not leak.
Friday May 20- awoke a little after 7am, changed diaper at 7:20.  Had to change a little after 11:30 am due to leaking.  So, for Karma at least, the booster pad appears to give about an hour more use.

Sariah in a celery Blissful Booty
Sariah is 1, she weighs 21lbs 9oz and also wears a large BB diaper.
She is an average wetter and still nurses, waking 2-3 times at night to nurse.  She can stay dry overnight in 1 BB diaper with 2 boosters.

Tuesday May 17- awoke 7ish am, changed diaper at 7:15 am.  Went until 3:30 pm with no leaks, changed diaper because it had been 8 hrs.
Wednesday May 18- awoke at 6:45ish am, didn't actually get out of bed until after 7, changed diaper about 7:30 (after Karma).  Went until 3:30 pm with no leaks.
Thursday May 19- awoke at 6:45ish, changed diaper at 7am.  Had to change a little after 2pm because of poop.
Friday May 20- awoke a little after 7am, changed diaper at 7:30 am.  currently no leaks- no booster pad today.

As I stated above, I know this is not exactly scientific but, to me at least, it proves that Blissful Booty diapers can go a minimum of 4-4.5 hrs with out needing to be changed, and that is on a super soaker.  For the average baby you can go all day. 

Of course I am not encouraging anyone to go all day without changing their little ones!!  I only did this for a short period of time.  Letting a baby sit in a diaper all day long like that is not good.  With that said we have all had one of those days where things are stressful, we are out running a million errands and unless our baby makes a #2 or leaks out we may not think about a diaper change.  I know I have done this and that is what inspired me to try this "experiment" in the first place.

Not only is this proof of the BB diapers performance but it is a testament to all cloth diapers.  Many do not want to make the switch because they think cloth does not hold as much as disposable and they will have to change their baby twice as often.  Cloth diapers preform just as well as disposables.  My super soaker who is leaking out of a cloth in 4-5 hrs would also easily leak out of a disposable in the same amount of time.  She leaked out every night when we used disposable diapers as well.

this Blissful Booty fan for life,

P.S. I do not work for Blissful Booty Cloth Diapers!  I have received free diapers from them in the past but this does not sway my opinion 1 way or the other.  I have a very eclectic cloth diaper stash with over 10 different brands and just about every style option available.
I AM a huge Blissful Booty cheerleader and believe in all of their products strongly!


  1. I have to say, I'm a BB fan for life as well. They and the Kawaii baby overnight diapers are the ONLY diapers (including disposable) that Little I doesn't leak out of overnight--And that is without a booster!

    Although, I don't think I'd be comfortable enough to let him wear one for 8 hours. :-) Good post!

  2. great post! I have had a few leaks, as I am sure Cathy has mentioned to you. I will just try timing her from now on and make sure I am not exceeding longer than 2.5 - 3 hours during the day. Maybe I am just keeping them on a long time and not realizing it. I use Country Save now because of you and feel that it works really well, my diapers smell great and are fluffier than ever.

  3. I chose 8 hrs because I figure most people don't change their babies/toddlers in the middle of the night so they have the diaper on a minimum of 8 hrs at night. I was originally going to do 6 because when we run errands we are usually out for 5-6 hrs and I do not change anyone unless I have to. I only did it for 4 days, I definitely do not routinely let my kids sit in diapers that long either :)


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