Friday, May 27, 2011

No clean clothes and other Pooptastic Fun-Flats Challenge Day 4 Recap

No Clean Clothes
We ran into an unforeseen snag in the Flats and Hand Wash Challenge yesterday.  I realized we had no clean clothes and The Hubs had no clean shorts or work shirts.

I have never been very good at keeping up with the laundry.  One of the perks that came along with cloth diapering was it forced me to think about laundry on a daily basis.  I have to wash our stash daily so I always make sure to do at least 1 load of clothes as well.  This helps me to keep the dirty clothes pile from engulfing the entire laundry room.

I realized yesterday I had not done any laundry, other than hand washing diapers, since Sunday.  Whoopsie!  Therefore I spent a good portion of the day trying to catch up with that.  Laundry piles up like crazy in a household of 6!

Other Pooptastic Fun
Yesterday morning when I went to wash diapers I had 5 poo ones in the bucket.  Three from the night before and 2 from that morning.  As if that was not bad enough the bucket was really full of diapers and the stick just was not moving them around well.  So I decided to suck it up and use my hands. 

I stuck my hands in the bucket and started trying to move and slosh the diapers around like  a washing machine would and then SMOOSH!!  Apparently 1 of the diapers from the night before I had forgotten to rinse off in the toilet.  I stuck my entire hand directly into a nice pile of poo.  My yuck reflex kicked into high gear and I was gagging and crying while trying to quickly wash it off.  Ah, the things we moms have to touch with our hands!

Getting It
Other than those 2 little bumps in the road things have been going great in our house.  The flats are doing their job, we haven't had any leaks all week.  We have had 2 "poop days" (where each girl poos 2-3 times, multiplied by 3!) that we made it through.  We have had tornado warnings, rainy days where we couldn't sun diapers dry quickly, creative drying experiences, and no clean clothes to wear.  We have had a lot thrown at us and we are doing it with 3 tushies. 

The hand washing has become second nature to me, just another thing on my daily check list of things to do.  It does not bother me.  Its not something I dread or I wish could be over already.  It actually takes very minimal effort from me and other than the occasional poo on the hands I don't even give it a second thought.

Today we have lots of errands to run, it will be our first outing in flats.  We shall see how that goes.  I plan to buy some blue Dawn dish soap.  I have heard many use that to strip their diapers and I plan to finish our the challenge using that to wash my diapers in instead of the Country Save.  I figure moms in need more than likely will not have access to a cloth diaper safe detergent but everyone can run to Walmart and grab some blue dawn dish soap.

So until tomorrow....

Mandy, over at Practically 100% Natural took my unused crib
rail drying rack a step further and dried them like this.  I had
always placed mine standing up with the diapers hanging down
so they could sun.  Her way allows for a lot more diapers to dry at once. 

this pooptastically fun mama,


  1. I wondered where those drying racks were from! That is brilliant! If only I had a crib. :-P

    I'll come up with something. I thought I might just run twine or laundry line on my patio... though come to think of it, I don't think it gets any sun. We'll be moving in August and have a little more outdoor space available to us.

    I'm loving your updates and was freaking out yesterday when I couldn't find (remember) the site! Thanks for posting updates on FB.

  2. Nice drying rack idea! I bet it would work great with a baby gate too!

  3. I had to laugh at the poop-incident! It's so fitting today because I watched my little guy's most recent 'explosion' leave the confines of the diaper and render his clothes gross.

  4. I had the same thought about buying cloth safe detergent! So I did some research and made my own. Here's my post on it!

    I've been enjoying your posts, by the way. Found you from the Linky!

  5. Thanks Everyone :) This challenge has been really fun and a great eye opener. When I started out CDing I was very limited on what I had. Now I have become spoiled with fancy fluff and accessories and I forgot how simple it could all really be.

    Sarah, do you mind if I link your blog in todays upcoming post? I am going to post about the Dawna nd would like to link youe blog as well so people will see the home made option too ;)


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