Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Karma, today you are 2!

Dear Karma,

Today you turn 2!  It seems like just yesterday I was writing a similar letter to your sister.  Oh yeah, that was 2 days ago and not one.

You came to us quite differently than your siblings but we love you just as much!  I feel as if I carried you myself.  The very first time I heard of your birth I knew you were going to be ours.  I loved you before I ever held you, before I ever laid eyes on you or kissed your downy baby head.

You are my crazy little monkey!  So curious and always getting into mischief.  I can't turn my back on you for a second.  You are my little teacher, always showing me things that I missed with the older 2.  You keep mommy on her toes that's for sure.  Everyday is an adventure with you, I never know what you are going to get into or climb on.  I have so many funny stories to tell you when you are older.  I imagine you growing up to be a stunt woman, or perhaps a gymnast as your balance is impeccable.

You are also sweet and loving though.  Always first in line for hugs and kisses, my little snuggle bug.  Always willing to share just about anything, except maybe your drink.  Anyone who knows you knows how seriously you take your drinks, and everyone else's as well for that matter.  You are quite the little drink thief

You were a month old when you came to live with us so you have not quite been with us for 2 years.  In the time that you have been here you have accomplished so much.  I love to watch you grow and discover new things everyday.  I am blessed to be a part of your journey through life. Your language has really exploded in the last few months and I love the "conversations" that we now have.  You are my little helper, always the first to start picking up toys and looking for other ways to help.  Often you attempts create more work for mommy, such as folding laundry, but you are always so proud of your work and I have to remind myself that at least you try.

We are so grateful everyday that we have you in our lives and while this day is your special day there are 2 other days that have great meaning to mommy.  June 19th was the day that you came to us and Feb 19th was the day your adoption was finalized.  So, in a way, its like you have 3 birthdays.  Also that does bot mean you get 3 parties and rounds of gifts though.

Mommy loves you baby girl!

your mommy!

And now the picture fest:

2 Years of Karma
June 19, 2009-1 month old- the day you came to live with us
you were adored from teh very first day!
1 month old- June 2009
3 months old with daddy- Aug 2009

3 months old- Aug 2009
5 months- Oct 2009

6 months old- Nov 2009

7 months old-1st Christmas-Dec 2009
8 months old- Jan 2010
Adoption Day!  Feb 19, 2010- 9 months old
1st Easter-April 2010
11 months old-May 2010
Birthday girl!  May 20, 2010
13 months- June 2010
15 months- Aug 2010  your "reign of terror" began haha
16 months- Sept 2010
17 months- Oct 2010
17 months- Oct 2010
19 months- Dec 2010
21 months- Feb 2011
22 months- March 2011
about a week shy of 2-May 2011


  1. Happy Birthday Karma! to the destroyer of spray bottles and all around amazing girl! <3

  2. Oh my, this made me tear up and I don't even know ya'll! What a precious girl--she reminds me so much of my Violet!

    What a happy, precious thing :)


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